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January 03, 2008



Hey, it's all good. Some of those 8th graders guess too you know.


I got a D+. Boo-ya.


Oy! A C. That was humiliating. I guess at least I passed.


B+ I suspect by some kind of fluke.


D+ :-(


Smugly thought I would kick your butt. Humiliated by D-!!!!!


Hey, This is ocean with a new name. I have trouble passing some the smarter than a fifth grader game questions. So I'm not doing this one. :) Happy New Year 2008!


D-, which makes me think I must be filling my kids' heads with nonsense when they ask me about such things as the solar system and the difference between sleet and freezing rain.


B-. My science teacher from high school would be shocked at my newfound genius. Not.


Heck. At least I can sing.


C. I really thought I did better than that. (I've always been intrigued with science, but never could handle any of the mathematical aspects...)


Well, I took it and got a C. 76%.


D+. Sad. The kids got an F and a D-. Of course, they haven't even hit 8th grade yet. Bob got a D. I need to send it to an actual scientist and see what he gets.


What's sad to me is that there's no questions about methodology. Science isn't a big pile of facts; it's a way of knowing, the most reliable method ever devised for finding things out. It's not just this fun test, either. Science isn't taught this way in schools, and it should be.


D+ and proud of it. I only guessed on a few, being tragically certain of my answers... I kind of disagree with the metamorphic rock answer anyway.

Now let's test the 8th graders on how to change tires or diapers.


B-...but I have a child in 9th grade, so I've heard this talk floating around for the last year or so.

I live to surpass you in these tests!!! So thank you for giving my life meaning...before 8 a.m.!!!


B- : Thanks, NPR and PBS!

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