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February 17, 2008



That looks awesome. I've made rye bread a few times, but it never seems to rise enough. I'll have to try your recipe.

the nag

It looks fucking awesome!


I agree, it IS gorgeous! Thanks for posting it here so I didn't have to open that scary bread thread :)


Well, you've somehow made me put another baking book on my wish list. Maggie will scarcely believe it.

What a beautiful loaf! I'd love to make some nice seeded rye.


Gorgeous! I bought the book (thanks to BOTH you and Scott -- he blogged about it, too - but I saw yours first) and love the simplicity of the basic recipe. I can't wait to try the other recipes.

I've had success with making dinner rolls from pumpernickel dough made in my bread machine (a "hand-me-down" from my mother to my sister to my niece to me). If the rye recipes from the book turn out as well as the basic bread, I may need to find a new home for my bread machine! : )


Looks fantastic! I would love to make breads and such if I weren't in such a carb-sensitive household.

Deb C

I just HAVE to get that book. The bread looks fantastic!

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