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February 26, 2008



Yeah, I've been kind of turned off to those mini carrots since I found that out! This sounds like a fun idea. I'll try it!


This sounds good. I'm philosophically opposed to "baby carrots" because of what you mentioned, but still buy them at times. Times like this!

That reminds me of what Dad used to do: save brines from used up jars of sweet pickles and hot peppers, mix the brines, and throw in raw veggies like carrot slices and cauliflower. After a couple days, he'd have really nice tasting sweet-hot crunchy stuff, fairly mild. I liked that touch of old fashioned frugality.

I'd like to see the "baby carrot" factory and see what they do with the rest of the carrot. Also, are the babies kept in crowded stalls and forced to stand on their tips all day?

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