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October 16, 2009



OMG. Where did the time go. Tomorrow is our 6th. Happy Anniversary and congratulations! We'd have to add all of our together to come close! BTW - we have a new kitty, T.C. (Tom Cat) Little feral guy one of my coworkers found on the street. Very cute, good vet check, about 7 weeks old. Happy anniversary to me!! Sad since CC died - no replacement, but close.


Happy Anniversary to to you both! Hope your dinner was a least fancy take-out!


Happy Anniversary to you both! Our anniversary (5th - hard to believe it's been that long!) is in December. I always love celebrating it, so I can only imagine that you feel 4x+ the joy.


If Legal's is Legal Seafood, I'm terribly jealous. After taste testing in several states, I declare that the best crab cakes I've ever had were at Legal Seafood!

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