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August 22, 2013


Jonathan Arnold

Just got back ourselves from Maine - the weather really was just about perfect, wasn't it?


After reading this, I almost feel like I've been on vacation. Sounds absolutely ideal.


I'm so glad you had a good time. I need a lobster roll. And -- I hate to mention it, but you're about 5 minutes away from being the shortest one in your family! I'm still about an inch taller than Sam, but it's a matter of seconds.


I love it! Food and the beach. That would make me happy


My husband is a New England native, and he dearly misses those beaches after being in the Deep South for so many years. We've taken a couple of trips to RI & ME, and the beaches are so different from the southern US, but they're just as wonderful. And the food (especially the seafood) almost can't be beat...but just almost. :)


Sounds like a wonderful time. Good for you guys! Alas, now back to work for you.

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