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March 08, 2014



Congratulations, Karen! I thought of you when I wrote my my 10-year blogiversary post this week. It is mind-boggling what changes in 10 years. My high school senior that year is now a nearly 28-year-old Navy sonar technician on deployment in the Pacific. AND, we're looking at retirement! So glad you've kept blogging all these years. I enjoy your posts—and your recipes!


Hats off to you!


Congrats to you! As someone else who started in 2004 but wasn't able to keep up with it, my hats off to you. I'm very glad you have stuck with it (even if it is no longer daily, or sometimes even weekly...) and I'm just as glad that Typepad's 2004 home page had that "recently updated" column on which I kept finding the smartly written and very funny Verbatim listed.


Wow, Karen. I've been reading for maybe 7 years. My children were also small when I started reading and I cannot believe how everyone has grown. I love hearing about your family and work. I often check here when I need a book recommendation and I've tucked a few of your recipes away (my children are grateful for your buttermilk pancake recipe.) Congratulations!


Happy Anniversary, Karen! I'm a longtime, albeit pretty quiet, reader. My son was a baby when I started reading and he'll be 10 in August! So glad for your lovely blog and it's nice to know that you're still there when I check in.


Very impressed that you have kept your blog going for 10 years! Even more impressed that you have interesting things to write about even after 10 years! :-) Keep it up... it is fun reading.


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