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May 01, 2014



Ugh, sorry you are going through this! Sounds positively awful!

Traci Gionfriddo

I had a brief bout of sciatica when I was pregnant with Jamie and working. In my case, getting up and moving after a period of inactivity was when the pain was the sharpest. It always hurt but the intensity would fade a bit as I moved around more so mornings were the worst for me too. Don't know if this is normal but thought you might feel better knowing you're not the only one. Hope you're feeling better soon.

Liz Price

Oh no! Sorry Karen - sciatica is NO fun. I'll send a Words with Friends request! I play most days.


One of the times I had sciatica, it would "twinge" at random times. So I would be sitting in a meeting and all of a sudden I would jump and yelp in pain. Annoying and embarrassing! I hope you turn the corner soon...

Rachel K

Have you ever thought of seeing a Physiatrist?

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