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May 31, 2004



Oh, my Gawd.

While my (duck-averse) better half was out of town this week, I made one of these bad boys. Started mid-afternoon on Sunday with a fresh (not frozen!) bird, and at about 9:30 I sat down to a serious duck meal. I wish I had taken a picture, it looked so good.

And tasted good, too. Crisp skin, tender meat, not greasy (well, not too greasy: it is duck, after all). I ended up eating the whole damn thing in one sitting, and I'm not the least ashamed.

For souvenirs, I still have about 1/3 cup of leftover Bigarade (yum!) and a cup of nice duck schmaltz. Hmmm...I can sauté the livers in that...




.... I am attempting this today!.... thank you for a great recipe!.... I hope mine turns out as good as yours...

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