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June 24, 2004



I'll give it a try:

"START da drauf klicken": START -- click (over/on top of) here

Anleitung: Background. Click here and it says (I think!!): Homerun at Albanifest (Albanian party??) 2004. Die Wagenschenke ("wagon-bar") THE party tent at the biggest yearly town festival in Central Europe! Sunday morning, half past four, a long night with party, music, lots of cool people and not a few drinks. He tries yet again to master the way home. Help him do it! If he leans to the right, push your mouse to the left and vice versa. How far can you get him?

Wagenschenke: "wagon bar", like a camper van that sells alcoholic drinks.

Karine (who took German in high school)


50 meters! But only after about 12 tries. Was laughing too hard to keep going.


I got him 59 meters and it was on my touch pad which seemed easier than on my desktop with the regular mouse.


does anyone knows the email address of those guys that have this, http://www.wagenschenke.ch/main.htm, as there web site ?


Kostis, my e-mail to you bounced back: If you go that page and click on "unser ok" (??), you'll see photos of different people. Click on them to get their e-mail addies.

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