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June 28, 2004



oh, oh, pick me! pick me!

will you do "die / dye" next please?


Glad somebody set me straight. I am always curious about the uses words. I have always been curious about the uses of further and farther.


Chickens lay [eggs], people lie. That is how I was told to remember it :). But I do have trouble with lay vs laid. I understand it, it just sounds funny and I have been guilty of using the wrong word. "Lain" is just one of those funny words. Like "whom". People laugh when I use them.


Man, that's English. Don't get me wrong, I was an English major in college. But get rid of it, already!

We're Americans. I'm not advocating stripping the language down to the 40 or so words that are adequate to conduct your average talk show or the MTV music awards, but still...

We don't drive lorries. Our cookies are not biscuits. And our fannies are our butts.

We haven't been speaking English for a long time.

Can we please get rid of the rest of the silly Englishisms???

We are well overdue to establish the American language.

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