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September 07, 2004


Susan W.

On the bright side, at least Disney finally started killing dads, too. (But then, back to the moms.)

We resisted Disney for a very long time in our home. No good female models, too much emphasis on pretty rather than smart, and the deaths of loved ones were not the messages we wanted to bring to our daughter. But we did finally get swept into a Sleeping Beauty phase, prompted by an inappropriate play at preschool. To date, we've survived.

DisneyWorld -- now that's another issue!


Disney is the watered down versions of children story's. Take a look at the originals stories. In Cinderella her sisters chop off their own feet to try to put on the glass slippers . . . The old Grimm story's are rather grim. Every time I contemplate this topic I am drawn back to the lullaby “Rock-A-By-Baby” it is such a beautiful song that talks about being a bad parent that will fail in keeping the baby safe

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