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September 18, 2004



I can supply the lyrics but you will have to supply the meaning. Robert Hunter wrote about this song. “Nobody ever asks me the meaning of this song. People seem to know exactly what I am talking about. It's good that a few things in this world are clear to all of us.” Here are the lyrics:

Look for a while at the china cat sunflower,
Proud walking jingle in the midnight sun.
Copper-dome bodhi drip a silver kimono,
Like a crazy quilt star gown
through a dream night wind.

Crazy cat peeking through a lace bandanna,
Like a one-eyed Cheshire, l
ike a diamond-eye jack.
A leaf of all colors plays
a golden-string fiddle,
To a double-e waterfall over my back.

Comic book colors on a violin river
crying Leonardo words
from out a silk trombone.
I rang a silent bell
beneath a shower of pearls
In the eagle-winged palace
of the queen chinee


The Grateful Dead: the mother lode of mondegreens!

Susan W.

A friend of ours thought the Go-Gos sang, "I love Cecile" rather than "Our lips are sealed." Isn't it amazing what our minds will create to fill in the gaps!


In my book, the Go-Go's song was "Honest Cecile"!!!


does somebody the meaning of china cat sunflower?

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