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September 24, 2004



It's truly great. I just wish I could convince my husband and my brother that This is the Truth. Very odd to be in a family of MEN who oppose the way I see things. I don't get it. I do love them anyway. But it could get dicey in the the weeks to come.


I agree with my friend, Tonya! Fortunately, my family is like me politically with a few exceptions.My husband and I can't rationally discuss the death penalty because I end up yelling. Our older daughter is a very liberal green and I am not very good at recycling. (OK, I'm lazy!) My dad is probably a bit more liberal than I am; the only thing we can't really discuss is Israel. I admire people who can discuss issues intelligently and rationally and so many right-wing people just cannot do that. (get their "reality" from Fox and right-wing ideologues)I'm ashamed that I just can't talk about the death penalty with anyone who is pro--my neck gets all red and I spout words like the girl from the Exorcist!

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