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October 25, 2004



That is a new comment to me. I have never heard it before, but even if I had, with those funny accents you have I might not have understood it. ;)


Never heard of it either. It's 'bagsy' over here!


Thank you so much for posting this. Tonight I said to my husband that I was hi-hoseying something (the cell phone charger to be exact)and his response was "what?" "hi-hosey" "what?" "HI-HOSEY!!!" When he told me he had never heard the phrase, I thought he was kidding. So I googled it and your posting was one of only two references... and you only posted it a few weeks ago. How amusing to find out after all these years that it's just a New England thing. Thanks for doing the research in the American Heritage. Now, while I'm here, I think I'll check out your book group selection and other postings. God I love the internet.

Lynn Boulger

I am from Boston, mother was first generation American of French Canadian parents and my guess is that it came from French Canadians, I choose in French is Je choissis. The mix of languages for immigrants: "I" in English would have been aspirated like "hi" and Choissis said (with an English accent) quickly on a game field or play ground may have indeed sounded like "Hi Hosey"

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