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December 14, 2004



We lost ours six months ago and it hasn't turned up YET!!!


Have you looked inside the couch? Not beneath the cushions, but actually inside the couch, maybe being cradled by the springs? Because that's where we found ours, after months of looking.


Look on the bookshelf


It probably eloped with my VCR remote that has been missing for an eternity.


It fell behind the couch.


Look in the fridge or in the bathroom---yep, i've done both.


Well, my hubby always says a prayer to St Jude when he has to help me look for something -- and it drives me crazy that he inevitably finds it. But it never works when I pray to St Jude. St Jude must know I'm a doubter. Is there a Jewish patron of lost things you can invoke?

The sure way to find it, of course, is to buy and program a universal remote. As soon as the DVD remote realizes it is expendable, it will turn up. If you're particularly strong-minded, it might work to just threaten to buy a new remote.

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