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December 25, 2004



There's nothing like an excellent paella! Yum!


We're accepting shipments of leftovers.


Paella's a staple during Christmas here in the Philippines and yours look really really good! The bit about soccarat is so true! We call it "Tutong" here.


Hi, Verbatim
Hope the surgery will go well. Merry Christmas and Happy new Year. Please see the landscape we were given to enjoy (shame, no snow this year)- http://www.cerknisko-polje.net/3_about.htm

Daniel Barkowitz

I don't know about the paella, but the Rioja and the olive puffs sound delicious to me...

Hi there, I am a friend of Lisa and her family and found your blog, just wanted to say hello to a fellow blogger! Keep up the good work.

My two blogs are:

http://blogs.mit.edu/barkowitz - About College Financial Aid and particularly about MIT's process and about my life as Director of Financial Aid at MIT.


http://blogs.mit.edu/poetry - A blog featuring my poetry and comments about the inspiration behind the poems also allowing a place for comment and feedback on the poems.


Sounds like a grand evening. I just know there was a spot in the corner for me - I woulda just needed some puffs and a half-glass of rioja. And a pillow, and a comforter.


I love the photos and had paella when I was in Spain. It was delicious. I'll be thinking of Julie when she has her surgery;I'm sure it will go fine!(what date will it be?)

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