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December 27, 2004


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Well put.




Isn't car travel the most dangerous form of 'regular' transport? I think i heard somewhere that train travel is the next safest, after air travel.
Anyway - good point, well made!


What I read was that 115 children were "stereotypically kidnapped" in 1999. But another _58,000_ children were abducted by non family members. The definitions are different for law enforcement, but for parents, the distinction probably blurs just a bit.



Yes, I was trying to point out that true "stranger abduction" is relatively rare, but abduction by someone known to the child is rampant. (Family abduction is usually about custody; that's a whole 'nother ball of wax.) Most parents are afraid that a stranger will drive up and steal their child; much more likely is molestation by a neighbor, babysitter, friend, etc.


Yes, it's funny how people will be nervous about flying, but they'll drive to the airport without fastening their seat belts. Nuts, I tell ya.

Michael Crichton's latest book, State of Fear, is based on the premise that many of our fears today are irrational or based on poor data. Interesting reading in light of your post.

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