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December 20, 2004



I didn't realize it was out on video. Thanks for bringing it up because I wanted to see it.


I cried when I saw The Fog of War (PBS? documentary channel?) Made me think of all the very hurt vets I've had in my life.


That's McNamara all over.

McNamara made plenty of bones about being wrong, while Vietnam was raging. And McNamara was the last guy to admit a mistake until Vietnam got out of hand.

When McNamara was still in the government, that was a guy who couldn't admit he made a mistake about anything.

I'm glad he can now. That's nice. It would have been better if he could have done it before 50,000 Americans were killed and over a million Vietnamese.

One of the things McNamara was always best at, even better than admitting people make mistakes, was convincing people that McNamara was right. Even when he was convincing them that he was right to be wrong.

McNamara sold the Vietnam war. And he guaranteed it was winnable. And he became very "opposed" to his war long after everyone knew it was a lost cause.

He hasn't learned a thing.

McNamara is not an example of good government. He's a cautionary tale. He is Donald Rumsfeld.

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