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December 28, 2004





Toes(and fingers) are very easy to break, Karen. I would have it checked out. They will probably just have you splint it--to one of your other toes. My younger daughter is a gymnast and has broken her finger twice, hand once and toe once. I love and hate this sport!

Daniel Barkowitz

Oh that hurts horribly. I have a tendency to hit the little toe, which you really can do nothing for, expect taping it to the next one.

Hope it is nothing serious... (well, that's silly... I mean I know it is serious, otherwise why would you write about it. I mean I hope it isn't long term.)


The last time I broke a toe, I wrapped it and headed to the ER. They unwrapped it, said, "Nice job with the wrapping!", wrapped it back up exactly the same way and charged me way too much money.

Toes heal pretty well. They just hurt a lot.

If you're worried, get it checked, but chances are they'll just tape it to the next toe and give you a painkiller.

Feel better. The arnica's a good start.

Do you have any allergies? There's an herb you can take in tea or capsule form that's supposed to make the bones heal faster. You can e-mail me if you're interested.


Oh, how awful! I hope you are sitting down, with your foot up, and someone is bringing you something yummy to drink, perhaps some Pesquera.

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