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December 21, 2004


Scott D. Feldstein

I myself shoot digital only. I shoot a LOT of pictures, archiving them all on the computer and CD. A small subset get put on the web site for frequent viewing by family and friends near and far. And even smaller subset get sent out for professional printing. Framed 8x10s (http://scottfeldstein.net/gallery/family/IMG_4460) make lovely gifts :)

What model PowerMac you got? If it's a G3-class machine or better it could potentially have a few nerdy uses. If it's older, just junk it.

Yoga sounds great but why not start martial arts with your son?


You could always donate the computer to a local elementary school. Even if you don't think it is good for much, the kids can use the word processing program to practice typing.


You could set the PowerMac up as a server if you have a network. It would give multiple people a place to put files for transfers.

Or you could give it Goodwill for a tax deduction.

Susan W.

A few years ago we got rid of an Apple II-something to an organization that used old computers to teach homeless people new skills, then those people got to keep the computers. If they'd take a II then, I'm sure they'd take a PowerMac now. But I'll have to remember who it was; in Framingham, I think. Maybe one of your readers has insights or other suggestions.

Suffice to say, the schools in your town and mine would probably not have use for it, so you might as well find a worthy charity. (And tell me when you do; we've still got a Quadra hanging out, plus a G3 that the kids use.)


Great list--I love making lists, but don't always accomplish what I think I want to do. (change my mind!)It looks like a lot of work to me.

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