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January 31, 2005



I am trying that tomorrow. It looks and sounds delicious. Funny I was listening to a cooking show on NPR and she was saying how important a scale is and then I was watching Alton Brown and he also was talking about the scale and now you. So I am off to Sur la Table this weekend for a scale. Or if I'm feeling cheap, Bed Bath and Beyond.


I use mine all the time -- and I think you'll find that more and more cooking mags and cookbooks are giving weight measures. It can really make a big difference. And you don't need to spend a lot to get a good one. You want a digital readout to the 1/8 ounce and a "tare" function (so you can put a container on top, "tare it off," and then add your ingredients). I think mine is made by Salton.


Oh my but that looked GOOD!!
Nothing like a bit of foodie porn early in the morning :)


Oh, I'm so hungry. It looks luscious. I have never tried Bloglines, but want some way to see who has updated lately.

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