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January 28, 2005



OK, I have to confess.......I have bought a few CDs from when I was a pre-teen........one of my friends discovered Barry Manilow and Hall & Oates on my shelf. She threatened to show the rest of our friends, but I pulled out some "good" stuff to prove that I *do* have taste.....So, when I get an iPod, I'll embarrass myself with a list like this. :)

You and I have very similar taste (although I haven's seen Manilow or H&O on your list yet.


There's nothing wrong with early H&O! (says the life-long Philadelphian) "Fall in Philadelphia," "She's Gone," "Sara Smile" - all great songs. It's when you get into the later stuff like "Maneater" that's bad.

Manilow, on the other hand...


Well, I can promise you you'll NEVER see Manilow on my list, and although I don't own any Hall & Oates, I did used to like some of their music. So I won't say NEVER for them....


Mark, you just named my two favorites!

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