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January 29, 2005



Poor Buster. Did you know he has a Blog? They call it a Blog but I have my doubts If it fits any criteria of a blog.

Scott D. Feldstein

I have never seen Buster, but I say yes to the segment in Vermont. Besides, am I the only one picturing two frumpy old women in boots tapping maple trees? Pretty outrageous stuff.

Susan W.

Thanks, Karen. Crazy times continue. Some stations apparently boycotted an episode involving a Muslim family, too. I guess Buster had better stick to white, two-parents of opposite gender households - maybe even more Mormon families, which seem to have been okay - or risk additional suffering of the bigotry and wrath of this idiotic administration. My kids don't like the show enough to allocate their limited TV time to it, but we'll definitely make an exception and watch the maple-sugaring episode whenever it airs, which is now March something? (P.S. I could have re-sent the email if you needed it!)


I am going to make it a point of watching this with my 2 year old and 7 year old. This is about as ridiculous as an "alert " being placed on poor SpongeBob!


Please also let your local PBS station know that you watched it and approved of it!!!

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