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January 27, 2005


Scott D. Feldstein

It was a terrific movie, yes. I myself am not in favor of suing anyone for any of this stuff, but I am in favor of government incentives and regulations designed to encourage food companies to sell and advertise more nutritional food and less junk food. Nobody would get sued and nobody would be compelled to do anything. Tax incentives, big scary label requirements. Carrot and stick. That kind of thing.


Six Feet Under ROCKS! I love that show.


I don't think it's socially acceptable to harangue smokers - at least, I've never enjoyed social acceptance when I've tried to do it!


Well, it's certainly not polite, but I just meant that no one would look at you like you were out of your mind if you at least somewhat good-naturedly hectored someone for smoking. But for over-eating? No way.\


Yikes! I know smoking is considered declassé in the States but please tell me it's not considered OK to harangue people at parties, nevertheless? I mean, unless they did something equally rude, like blow cigar smoke in your face or something, I'd consider that just downright RUDE, no matter how despicable you find their habits. In other settings, well, maybe, but not a party, surely?
Karine (smoker and non-junk-food eater)


"Harangue" probably was a bad choice of words. Maybe "lecture" or "scold." And I guess I was also thinking of a certain kind of fancy-ish party.

And I don't mean it would be OK in the sense of polite, but if someone came up to you and said, "You really should stop smoking! It's terrible for your health!" no one would think that person was way out of line. On the other hand, if someone went up to an obese person and said, "You really should stop overeating! It's terrible for your health!" everyone would be horrified.

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