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January 30, 2005



I'm actually shocked you just said she was going to a different building. No explanation of changing clothes or being put to sleep? Not questioning your parenting--I'm sure you made the right choice for your family--but there is no WAY either of my kids would've complied with that! LOL!


I'm glad that the surgery is over and all is well. Brave little kids tear at my heartstrings as well.


I think that you did the right thing. You are IN charge and she know's that and she completely trusts that you will make the best decisions for her at her young age. I don't believe that you need to explain everything to kids to the enth degree. You tell her that we are going to the doctor, that she is going to make your eye feel better and that is that.


Your post made me tear up. {hugs}


Even at age 3? As things began to start happening, we talked about some medicine that would help her fall asleep, but that was all.


Yes. When my daughter was three, she had to have a boil lanced inside her eyelid. Out-patient surgery, general anesthetic. Not as involved as yours, but her reaction was very much the same - that trusting non-involvement. Bless them! It makes you want to redouble your effort to keep them from harm.

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