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February 23, 2005



Oh, you are so evil to give us links like this! We have work to do!

Scott D. Feldstein

"The sky above the port was the color of television tuned to a dead channel." But perhaps I regard it so highly now because of how excellent the book turned out to be and not because of it's hooking properties at the outset.


I once spent hours reading at that site. Now the addiction is back. Thanks.


Looks like a fun site to spend some time at. I thought the same thing Scott mentions. Do I like the opening lines now because I loved the book or did the first lines really hook me? When I'm looking for new books to read I do pick up a book and scan the first page but I also turn to the middle of the book to see if the writing will hold up - at least that's what I think I'm doing. The abstract on the dustcover has some impact too and that depends entirely on some other writer being able to convey what the book is about without rewriting it or giving away too much.


It's interesting, isn't it, to consider why we pick up a book we've never heard of. Certainly the cover is the first hook -- both the title and the design/color/photo/artwork. But then I too read the blurbs -- I'm famous for snorting when all the blurbs are from little nothing newspapers that no one's ever heard of (same for movie reviews -- "Oh, great, the Boise Free Press thinks this an Oscar shoo-in!"). If an author I respect has good things to say about a book, that definitely draws me in further. But the good things said matter, too -- for instance, if my favorite author says that a book is a "complicated, thrilling story of violence and foreign espionage," I'll still pass...!

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