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February 03, 2005



One suggestion and one I agree whole heartedly.
If you are speaking of the Walgreen's I think you are it was just such an interaction with a 'products of incest working the registers' (oh, and don't I love that line!) along with waiting three hours for my asthma inhaler refill. Slap label on package, ring up. How hard can it be?
I pulled all my scripts and went to Keyes drug in Auburndale. Small, parking, nice. Also I ahve seen (in the future) that on highland Ave in Needham, near the starbucks,across from the train station, is a pharmacy that says they custom make presecriptions.
Happy to hear she is getting better though.


Our younger daughter is horribly allergic to Augmentin. She puffed up like a balloon when she took it when small. Be watchful.


I also go to Keyes. Wonderful people, can mix compounds (E used to be on amoxicillin/augmentin combo for ear infections). I have heard (through grapevine, not verified) that some pediatricians are no longer using augmentin. Don't know why. I heard this from friend of highly prone to ear infection children (she has 4). Also, you know how I feel about the POI staff at Walgreen's.

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