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February 11, 2005



I agree with you on Juliette Lewis, but I've liked Rachel Griffiths (Brenda) since seeing her in "Me Myself I". (Any movie that takes its title from a Joan Armatrading song is all right with me). I think her role on Six Feet Under is totally unlikable (from what I remember, I stopped watching a while ago).

Scott D. Feldstein

Rachel Ray... Maybe I should start watching television again.


I'm currently watching season two, and I love Brenda, and Rachel Griffiths. She's a great actress, has been around for awhile in various interesting things, and I find the character fascinating.


Something about her looks just doesn't work for me, although she's certainly a great actress. Her character scares me!


What do you mean by the mother doesn't "ring true" to you?


I don't know whether it's a problem with the acting or the writing, but she seems inconsistent and unbelievable. I don't feel I know her at all, whereas I find all of the other characters very clearly drawn and well portrayed by the various actors.

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