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February 11, 2005



Which one is your dad?


Hint: Not Jack Nicholson. Not black.
Answer: Guy in the brown jacket!


I love "The Last Detail"!
...Yes, which one of the three?


He's famous!

Aunt Roz

(What is URL? I never remember.) For the record: It was Uncle Ernie who videotaped The Last Detail; got the digital camera and then went to the exact place in the film to find his beloved brother; stopped the tape and, in the course of two days, took not less than 10 pictures, looking ofr the best shot/angle/composition (some were cropped and/or edited for contrast, etc.). They were then printed, e-mailed, and/or mailed at the P.O. to your parents, our kids, you and your siblings. Uncle Ernie was up for an Academy Award tonight in the "film editing" category, but, alas, no cigar.

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