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February 11, 2005



Does your version of Monkey and the Engineer come with the monologue at the beginning? I can not remember it off the top of my head but goes something like. “From our long tradition of train songs-- something different rather that a song about impending danger we are going to do a song about tragedy narrowly averted.” I only heard the opening monologue once and laughed rather hard.


Yup, that's the one! It's off "Reckoning," the Dead's live acoustic double-album set (which tells you how long I've had it -- double album set????). But when you shuffled the CD, the intro to that song shows up as the end of the previous song, "Been All Around this World"! Anyhow, Bob says this: "From a song about tragedy impending, we're gonna move swiftly to a song about tragedy narrowly averted. It's another in our long list of tragedy songs."

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