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February 14, 2005



They sell the Fabreze laundry stuff at Shaw's, at least the one in Auburndale does(did at least) Have you tried Victory in Waltham on main street? Just look for a small version of a whisk laundy jug, you know with a big wide mouth cap. Dark blue bottle. It's in that shape, not the Fabreze shape. Then head over to Container store in Chestnut hill and buy Trash magic. They are charcoal filters about 3" square that have a small piece of sticky tape on the back to stick them to the lid of a trashcan. You don't need to stick them, just sprinkle them liberally in the new bench.


The Shaw's in Auburndale is where I went! Hmmmm...either they were out of it, or I totally missed it. I'll look again, thanks! And thanks for the tip on the charcoal filters. I haven't been to the Container Store yet.


Febreze Laundry odor eliminator available at:
Wal-Mart($8.68 1.5L), Hy-Vee($5.99 1L),
Schnucks($5.49 1L). Great stuff!


Did you really find the non-spray kind of Febreze at Walmart? I 've been looking for months (Longs, Target, Safeway), but haven't tried there. I can't believe P&G has discontinued this because it's clear that there IS no competing product and that there are a lot of us out there looking for something that works. I wrote them, but no reply (what a surprise. Not!) The first (and last) bottle I bought worked like a dream, love to find it again or something to substitute.

Jo - Help!

Nobody in Mississippi has it. I've GOT to find it. Anybody? Is there somewhere to order it online? I'm a desperate housewife (well, no housewife here, lol)!!


I've been looking, too. I suspected that P&G may be working to get the product exclusively into their own laundry products, so that you need to buy the detergent to get the febreze. I did some searching tonight and saw this from their websites: http://www.tide.com/freshapproach/?venue=2230030
Looks like Tide, Downy and Bounce with febreze.


Why all the fuss over Febreze Laundry Odor Eliminator? What does this product do?


I don't know, I'm just hoping that someday there will be a product that you can add to the laundry that will remove strong odors without adding some horrible "fragrance."

your mom

ok, the company in charge of the stuff is named 'changing paridigms'

its website can be found here: http://www.cparadigms.com/

you can find places they are available at this page: http://www.cparadigms.com/wheretobuy.asp

but you still dont know if it is available in ur city, only if the store carries it.
: /

anyway... i guess you could click on the contact link and email them abt your city. that would be helpful

Randy Chambers

I work for P&G and sell febreeze. Good stuff


I work for the company who manufactures Febreze Laundry Odor Eliminator under license from P&G. It has NOT been discontinued and there are no plans to do so!! In fact, we're putting marketing $$ against it to boost awareness and trial of this product. It is NOT the same formula as Febreze spray. If you're having trouble locating the product locally (we are working now to expand its distribution), you can order it online at www.newfebreze.com. Currently, we have a $2 coupon you can use for an online order or download and use at your local retailer.


I buy the Febreze Laundry Odor Eliminator @ kmart. In NJ, it is about $9.50 a bottle, but it really works on the smelly beach towels, clothes worn for fishing and gardening. But it really works on sweaty clothes left in the hamper!!!!!!!!!!!


when i began searching for the aforementioned febreze product over 2 years ago i usually found nothing. now all i find is people complaning that they can't find it. it is completely ironic that the company apparently responsible for marketing this product has the name paradigm. and, the link above from mr. chambers gives an error page if you try to request a coupon. enough is enough, shift this - i found another product: biokleen Bac-Out Stain & Odor Eliminator. anyone for a boycott of febreze for possibly the worst example of customer service?


ooops, sorry, the offending link is from jenifir not mr chambers.


I too saw that lone commercial that aired one time. I then went on a quest looking for febreze odor eliminator. I live in the Wash DC area near Baltimore. I found the product at the Super Fresh in Elkridge. I don't know if all the Super Fresh chains in the area carry it. I did notice that the price has gone up from $5.99 to $6.29 in two weeks time. I also called the phone number on the back of the package--the representative said that you must request for the product where you normally shop. Good Luck

Maritza Luciano

Would like to know where I can find the NEW sent of Febreze called :Fresh Evergreen and Snow:Limited Edition..We have gone to Walmart and it is out of stock in Orlando Florida..Please help where we can purchase?

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