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February 25, 2005



Thanks for sending this link! I've added you to the list at http://pratie.blogspot.com/2005/02/update-where-im-from-meme.html

come visit! and if you know anybody who does one, please let me know and I'll add him/her to the list.


Scott D. Feldstein

Reading that causes me delight and anxiety at the same time. It's almost painful. I Romper Room, Keds, TV dinners... they all strongly evoke my own childhood. Which I only dimly recall wasn't all that terrific. There's some lonely and painful stuff there. I won't be attempting this myself.

/ therapy session


Oh, I'm so glad you did one! I love the line about you braiding your father's tallis fringes.


Excellent. This would take more introspection than my brain could handle.


Pixie haircuts and the Saturday night line-up... I am from around the same time, if not the same place. Glad you decided to join in.


Cool post.


> pixie haircuts and Flintstones jelly juice glasses, and from hand-me-down babydoll pajamas.

Oh, me too, me too.

Wonderful post.


Your poem is so beautiful and I feel like I know you. We just need to add some Dippity-Do and some of that pink hair tape... remember that?


I have to respond to one more thing - we played "endless games of Spite & Malice" too - our grandmother loved cards!

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