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February 21, 2005



Yeah, but if you bring it back after the 8th day, they credit you back for the movie minus a $1.65 restocking fee, so it's still a great deal. Not that I've ever had a movie out for that long, but that's what I hear, heh heh.


"...and the special effects were nothing"
"...but technically it's unbelievably dated."

I almost couldn't stop laughing enough to type this comment.

Do you happen to remember if you rented the "original" version of the movie or one of the "special editions" with the updated hokey effects? :)

Scott D. Feldstein

Do not see Hannibal (as in Anthony Hopkins). Just don't. I myself felt assaulted and exploited after watching it, and I don't consider myself overly sensitive to movie violence.

Also, I believe boys will always make weapons with which to act out their internal dramas. Dramas that include conflict and physical striving against others. I do not believe this will ever change. Maybe the best we can hope for is to give them kindness and honor and nobility of purpose to go with it.


I loved Star Wars, but looking at it today is weird. Special effects have certainly come a long way.

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