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February 22, 2005



Thanks for your reference on that wonderful song "James". I first heard it on our radio station at Burning Man this year and it really struck me. Being a straight guy it was a good place to hear a guy singing about a guy and be in a place where I was open minded enough to really appreciate it. I found your article because I typed the lyrics I remembered into a Google search and your article came up so then I could buy it on Itunes and I'm finally hearing it again right now. Thanks a bunch!



P.S. You have no idea how important to me "Beeswing" by Ricard Thompson is. "She was a rare thing..." indeed.


In fact, somewhere I read an interview that said that it's meant to describe a straight romance -- he's just singing the part of the girl. He even expressed surprise that people took it as a gay song! (Well, duh!)

Regardless, it's an absolutely gorgeous song.


I adore "Beeswing," and also "1952 Vincent Black Lighting" -- whereas most other RT stuff I can just take or leave.

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