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February 01, 2005



Looks like I'm a little too late. Assuming that Leah is right, I only got 6 & 8, and I'm familiar with all these songs!

In the days before the Internet (during high school) my friends and I used to pass quizs like this between each other. We were all music geeks.


Well, I knew #6 was Paul Simon from the album Rhythm of the Saints, but I wasn't sure which song, and I got "Sweet Baby James", and also "Righteously".


OK, I deleted Leah's answers, since I hadn't previously specified NO GOOGLING! I'll re-post them when everyone's had their fill of this game.


I just post pics. My brain hurts. I need water. :-)


I know nothing because I'm not a lyric person at all.


And here are the answers:

1. Bob Marley, "Rat Race"
2. Bob Dylan (Peter Keane doing the cover), "I Want You"
3. Randy Newman, "Birmingham"
4. John Prine, "Everybody Wants to Feel Like You"
5. Jimmy Cliff, "The Harder They Come"
6. Paul Simon, "The Rhythm of the Saints"
7. Michelle Shocked, "Memories of East Texas"
8. James Taylor, "Sweet Baby James"
9. Lucinda Williams, "Righteously"
10. Tom Waits, "Ol' 55"

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