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February 08, 2005



I hate hearing stories like that. I would give anything to be on that child's level. I nanny and I have played WAY too many games of Chutes and Ladders and I have destroyed WAY too many batches of cookies. I agree with you in that the sitter was hired to do a job. She was slacking. I, am a sucker for second chances and I would have explain my issue with the sitter and I would have asked her if she was willing to give it another shot.

My husband hates confrontation, too, so I can kind of understand where you are coming from.


I hate confrontation and I think I would have done exactly the same! I alays write out a 'script' if I have to speak to someone I don't know on the phone - I get all tongue-tied otherwise.

ann marie

I don't blame you a bit. If that is what she did while you were there, what was she doing while you weren't there? Nothing. And why pay someone for doing nothing?


You broke up with her via voicemail! *shocked*
Heh. Just kidding. She doesn't sound like she enjoys being with kids*. Good riddance. I'd totally do it the wussy way too - face-saving and all.

(*Like me. I would make a horrible babysitter. I'm sure of it. My own kids -- different story. ).


Another wussy here. I always write out scripts for tough conversations. Sounds like you did the right thing. Too bad though, your little one sounds too sweet to ignore.


P.S. I forgot to include my blog address on my last comment....so this one has it. :)


That was very unpleasant for you, but it would be more so to think of your children being cared for by someone like that. Whew--she needs to take some babysitter lessons, that's for sure.


She needs to find another line of work! And I need to take some assertiveness training classes....

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