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February 01, 2005



Man, I am constantly going back and correcting my posts. Oops!

Using bloglines also doesn't encourage you to re-read a post either. I don't always like having to check each individual blog, but if I have the time I will often re-read the latest post and get something else out of it or find that I now have a comment to make.

Plus there's something about reading a post in the context of one's blog. The whole design and the sidebar gives me a better sense of who the writer is. A picture of the writer is even better, but I can't talk since I haven't gotten up the nerve to do this yet.

I look forward to seeing your recipes indexed on your sidebar. I really want to try to tackle one (and I want to get a kitchen scale).


You're right on all those counts -- it's just soooooo easy.... Some of the blogs I read are updated only rarely, so it saves me the step of checking in on them every day in vain.

I too go back and tweak the hell out of my posts. I would guess that some find that an affront to the purity of the whole blog concept. Too bad.

Do get a scale. You don't have to spend a lot.

Do you like to cook? Tell me what you like and I'll find an appropriate recipe for you!

Scott D. Feldstein

RSS is such a brilliant technology that I'm embarrassed that I don't really use it regularly. I mean my blog has an RSS feed and I used to subscribe to slashdot headlines on the main page, but other than that i really don't use the technology at all. I've been feeling like I really should start using an aggregator of some kind (probably a web-based one since I prefer not to have to use client software on the computer if it's not necessary) but I just can't seem to get in the habit. I like visiting the blogs themselves. I don't read so many that I can't visit them each once a day.

I also edit my posts. Usually the most editing occurs within the first hour or two. Probably very unlikely to edit anything after 24 hours have gone by, but I'm sure I've done it once or twice. Surely one of my six readers will know exactly how often I do this, since my old posts will suddenly have become new again in their aggregator. Eek. Sorry.


Bloglines is a great product. I go to every Blog directly from it. I never read the Blog at the Bloglines web page. With tabbed browsing through FireFox It is second nature for me to open everything in a new tab. I also think that if you open the page you are giving a hit to the hit counter. I think all Bloggers should know that people are looking at their pages. I also tend to get a larger more readable font on the individual Blog.

The updating old post thing on Blogliners is annoying. I have only one blog in my list that does this on a daily basis.

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