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February 14, 2005



Murphy's Law is alive and well in our house as well. Good job on the Valentines. I am relieved that my daughters are past that stage; I remember it as being somewhat stressful.

jen jones

I made homemade valentine's cards with Mer and Will. We attached them to pink and red treat bags with curling ribbon. They look adorable! This morning Mer and Will both had a day off -- the power was out in their schools. (Of course my school was open!) They were so disappointed! When I was telling my teacher friend at school about our Valentine project -- she said, "You are one of those MOMS!" And I am proud to say that, indeed, I am one of THOSE Moms!


Somewhat stressful! My 6-year-old daughter decided she had to customized the handmade valentines for each of the 20 kids in her class, 2 teachers, and assorted other friends. Which meant figuring out each person's "style," finding a web site with the appropriate decoration (Yu-Gi-Oh, Bratz, Superbowl emblem etc.), using the right colors for that person, and so on. But she pulled it off!

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