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February 15, 2005


Scott D. Feldstein

I myself don't feel so pressured about things like Valentine's day. Perhaps it's because I don't watch television. After all, by what means does the pressure exert itself but the mass media?

(Then again, I'm not exactly Mr. Romance. Perhaps a little pressure would do me good.)


I don't watch TV either, but if you have any occasion to set food in a drugstore or supermarket at all between New Year's and Valentine's Day, you'll be bombarded with hearts and cupids. Every year I have trouble finding plain old anniversary cards for my parents' Feb. 17 anniversary, because all the regular cards have been cleared away for the valentines. You can't even find plain M&Ms or other candies. Everything's red and pink! Maddening.


But if it wasn't for all the commercialization there wouldn't be NECCO conversation hearts. Being constantly bombarded with flower ads is a small price to pay for having a candy that not only taste great, but also boosts your ego with a "LUV U".

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