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March 14, 2005



That sounds like a great plan! It's the perfect way to learn table manners and how to have polite conversation as well. Uh oh, now I sound like my mom!


We eat with our kids most nights and it still hasn't worked - my kids have to be some of the pickest eaters out there! The only one that likes vegtables and will try just about anything is the 4 year old.

God luck, if you find something that works blog about it, I would love to try something new (or rather, get my KIDS to try something new!)



One thing we've done in the past, with limited success, is to post a chart for each kid (well, just the older two). If either of them takes TWO bites of a healthy new food, they get a sticker. When they get 5 stickers, they get a prize (a small but desirable toy). The point was for them to add the new foods to their repertoire, but this hasn't worked out too well...!


We always eat together when possible. The kids are supposed to set the table (and sometimes they do) and clear their own plates.
The general rule for the 8yo is that she at least has to try the dinner before she asks for a standby, or she can choose not to eat at all if she wants. The 3yo is offered bites of what we have, allowed to have her standby. They get praised for any veggie eating, which will probably be a huge therapy issue 20 years from now, maybe ...


My six year old will eat carrots (by the truckload) and red/yellow/anythingbutgreen bell peppers. That's it for vegetables. Compounding the problem is the fact that during the school week, we rarely eat together as a family, because L has to be fed before his daddy even gets home from work (early bedtime plus diabetes). It's a source of huge frustration to me.

We're going to plant a little garden this spring and I'm hoping that he'll be tempted to try lots of new things if he's involved in growing them.


It's really hard not getting discouraged when it comes to kids and picky eaters. I compromise by having the kids eat with us about 3-4 nights a week - on these nights, I made a "big" dinner - ie. meat, potatos and veggies. I always include at least one thing that I know my 7 year old likes... (ie. corn as one of the veggies) and I ask him to take one bite of any new stuff...on these nights we sit at the table together... on the other nights, I make the kids stuff they like (ie. pasta) and they eat earlier, wherever they like... (ie. in the fam. room watching their fav. stuff)... and we eat later, a nicer meal with a glass of wine, with no kids bugging us!


If I'd let them my kids would eat yogurt for breakfast, lunch and dinner. That may or may not be a bad thing. They are no veggies that they like except maybe carrots. My 2 yo eats the best at pre-school. At least one of themeals that he eats is a decent one!

Marilyn Scott-Waters

Dang! We struggle with this one all the time. My family ate dinner together no matter what and it was a wonderful time. However, now with a husband who is ADHD and an eight year old kid proves that apples don't fall far from that tree, it is an effort to eat at the table.

However it is worth the extra energy. (though sometimes we are slackers and end up eating pizza and watching Teen Titans in front of the TV.)

As for veggies.. hmmm... veggies in the blender make wonderful soup. Our little boo will eat soy beans and steamed brocolli. Our rule is that we never fight about food when we eat at the table, it's all about the conversation.

We also have Monday Model Night when we eat at the table and also make models or work on other projects. (This is an excellent compromise and a great treat)

Make toys! Play more!



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