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March 01, 2005


Scott D. Feldstein

Wow, here in southeastern wisconsin we almost never get snow days. I think the last one my kids had was five years ago. It has to be life-threatening weather before the board closes anything. Poor kids.


I'm from northern Illinois living in North Carolina. I had yesterday off but the kids had a snow day. I KNOW snow days and the mess that was on the ground was nothing. The thing is that this place isn't really equipped to handle too much of anything. I just laugh. I do, however, still have the remote starter on my car. Neener!


This is why, as much as I miss my family and living in New England, we will be content to just spend the summer there. After living in Atlanta for 13 years, I don't think I could go back to winter in New England! We had a few "snow" squalls today and it is so funny to see everyone's reaction - they actually let the kids go outside to "play" in the snow during school this morning. Of course none of it stuck, but oh well.

hope there is school tomorrow!



PLEASE give me a snow day or two. I could really use one. It was 63 degrees today! (unreal)


Here in Buffalo (well...Amherst) NY, we had 6 inches of snow last night, an inch today, another inch coming tonight, and 3 more tomorrow. It takes an act of God to close schools around here. 80 inches of snow over Christmas 2 years ago? Now THAT was a storm....

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