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March 07, 2005


Scott D. Feldstein

How do you stay in such good shape??


Goodness knows it isn't from exercise, although someday I hope to get back into a regular exercise program - once the kids are all in school full-time. I am blessed with a small frame, a relatively quick metabolism, good health, and a lean body type. That being said, I can't exactly eat everything I want (I would be happy to chow down an entire bag of Cape Cod potato chips in one sitting), but I don't deny myself too much. I didn't even mention in that post that we also drink a bottle of red wine with dinner every night! Yikes!


I have been making that chicken dish for a few years now (the recipe is in an old battered Women's Day magazine I stole from my Mom's house) - I will have to try the desert recipe, it sounds very yummy too!



No kidding! I got it out of Bon Appetit!

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