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March 31, 2005



Was checking "recently updated" blogs to see what is out there and came upon yours.

Made me think how much I do enjoy spring.

We lived in FL 17 years, and the season I always thought I missed most was fall. But having moved back north, I now realize I was wrong--the season I really missed was spring!


Spring feels so good when it finally arrives! You are fortunate to be able to experience it for more than one week :-)


I'm glad you guys are finally thawing out up there, I was afraid there might still be snow when we got to MA in June!

I still remember it snowing on the day I went to my first prom backj in the mid 80's, I think it was May 1st, or something like that - only in New England!

Enjoy the spring!


Michelle Maklin

As much as I like Spring, I like April Fool's day more.


I was just telling the kids about April 1, 1997 on Friday. I think they thought I was joking.

(Not only was I not joking, my then-husband thought it would be a good idea to shovel the snow off my car. He took off the snow... and most of the paint. Had to have the entire thing repainted. Why did I wait so many more years to divorce him?) ;)

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