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March 22, 2005



Excellent idea!

1. Bruce Springsteen (203 songs)
Today's favorite: "Thunder Road"
2. Wilco (99 songs)
Today's favorite: "I'm The Man Who Loves You"
3. They Might Be Giants (73 songs)
Today's favorite: "Don't Let's Start"
4. Uncle Tupelo (69 songs)
Today's favorite: "Screen Door"
5. Lucinda Williams (61 songs)
Today's favorite: "Which Will"

ruth phillips

initially drawn to you by the nanci griffith connection i find, amazingly, you are a duane keiser fan! my husband became obsessed with his web success for a month and has now made his own site of small paintings a day, which I think is really beautiful. check it out!
by the way my mum made me miss swimming lessons for cello lessons - i wish she hadn't, and yet again, as a professional musician i have to say that i think all kids should play an instrument....hum hum!


I have too many favorites to even think about going through them right now, but I love that John Prine is on the top of your list - I was listening to "In Spite Of Ourselves" today.


Mine are here: http://www.cageyklio.net/kelly/archives/2005/03/or_the_stonecut.php

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