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March 21, 2005



By any old roast chicken I am guessing that you mean, 'already prepared in a grocery store'. I say stick to doing it yourselves. If you had the poultry lecture I had in school, you would want to know that you had cleaned it and cooked it, AND you would make a much moister chicken than they. Second, the reason for the boiling water is to render fat our of duck skin, however this step may not work as well with a chicken skin. I bet if you skipped it you would achieve the crisper skin your husband loves. In fact, patting it dry before roasting would also help.
If he's like me, you can remove the chicken from the oven, skin it, put the skin back on a rack over the roasting pan and crisp it further as it sounds like the rest of you skip it anyway.
I'm with him on this one....


Oh no no no, I meant roasting it ourselves, but without any Asian seasonings, then using the pan drippings to make the hoisin sauce. We roast a whole chicken every week and get nice, crisp skin, so that's why this was such a disappointment. I like the idea of putting the skin back in for another blast, though! I like crisp skin as much as the next guy (namely, Andy).

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