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March 20, 2005



It seems there are even 6000+ puzzles. http://www.puzzlehouse.com/_jigsaws/6000pieces.htm


This is the catalog I started getting when I was looking for good puzzles for my dad who loves jigsaws. http://www.bitsandpieces.com/


I love bits and pieces! But, if you have a Rite-Aid, Savon, or Walgreen's, you might be able to find some 48-54 piece puzzles. But you might also be surprised at how easy some of those 100 piece puzzles are.

Sarah is up to 100 piece puzzles and has done some 300-500 piece puzzles with her dad and me.

Let her try the 100 piece sets. She'd probably love the challenge, especially if she has Andy's talent for puzzles!



Don't forget, Julie is only 3! I don't think she could do 100 pieces yet....

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