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March 17, 2005



It is hard to manage all the activities. Both our daughters did piano, the older did gymnastics for a while and then dance. Our younger has done club gymnastics for the past six years. You are right, swimming lessons are not an option; they must learn to swim. It sure keeps the mommy chauffeur busy.


Or maybe one of the girls will want to take up karate!

We're facing a summer of heavy programming ourselves. Piano? Swimming? Gymnastics? Oy!


My goodness, you have a lot going on! Seems like when we were kids, we played one thing a season (baseball/softball, football/basketball for my brother, swimming), but we played outside all year - kickball, hide-n-seek, tag, Red Rover, Mother-May-I, etc... And bikes! Seems like kids don't just plain, old play like we used to. Then again, we didn't have this myriad of wonderful opportunities either :-)


Once we get rid of all this snow, they'll be outside! Steph finally got rid of her training wheels just before the winter started, and I think Pete will be ready this spring.

Our neighborhood is very safe, but we still don't have the kind of informal pick-up games of kickball and kick-the-can can capture-the-flag we had when we were little....

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