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March 19, 2005



It will be much easier tomorrow night because you'll all be used to it. I feel for you;it is heartrending to have our children upset or hurt.

Marilyn Scott-Waters

Thinking good thoughts for you (And glad to hear that the Tooth Fairy Gazebo is working for you. :-)

We also leave an apple out for Ms. Fairy because as you know the Tooth Fairy likes healthy snacks. (Sneak in afther Steph is asleep and take a couple of tiny bites out of the apple to show that the Fairy has been there.)

Our eight year old has major asthma and it seems that our days are a stream of puffers and visits to the doctor. (Can you say up at three in the morning?) So I understand. She is fortunate to have such loving parents.

Hang in there!



"Abrideri et Oblectare"

"To Amuse and Delight"


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