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March 29, 2005



They are constantly running out of the low-carb tortilal & soy chip sto. *sigh*


Don't you just hate that!? We have an OceanSpray factory near by and they used to have a store I could get cranacot juice and the best raspberry vinegrette you've ever tasted - but not distributed in LV stores. One day I went and they said the cranacot was being discontinued. A few weeks latter the same story with the dressing. I said "would you just like me to give you a list of my favorites now and get it over with?" I stopped going there and then later the store section was shut down. I like to think I had a hand in that. :)


This is a problem that seems to happen to everyone the world over - more often than not to my husband's favourite products!


FYI, the bag of those that you gave me on Saturday is halfway empty already :)


I am very upset to find that Trader Joe's just discontinued the "Trader Joes Japanese Green Sencha tea" I am told I cannot buy it anywhere it was pulled from all the stores. I find I cannot even order it online.
I tried the other green teas they have and will not be buying them again. I did NOT like them.
Is there any hope of me finding this tea again?


Trader Joe's Company, Inc. earlier this year had a Seafood Newburg in a microwave package.
Best microwave package, I ever tasted. Returned a month later to buy several more.
Store said, it is discontinued. WHY ???????????????
Does anyone know an e-mail address that a Trader Joe's Company, Inc. person is most likely to read? My VA area code is 703.

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