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March 30, 2005



hey...that sounds just like Canada! I have done almost all of those things.


I totally agree with Lisa, sounds just like Canada!!


I've been wanting to do a little piece, complete with photos, on "You know you're from Arizona..." - and the items would be things like -If on your morning commute you see coyotes, javelina, quail, horses and emus, and you haven't left your neighborhood, or -If you are driving 70 miles an hour and that is below the posted speed limit, or - If you've been stopped by the Border Patrol and you're nowhere near the border, or - If you know what the Border Patrol, or - If you have indoor cats because of Harris Hawks. Yeah, stuff like that....


"If your local Dairy Queen is closed from September through May."

Same thing for those of us from the Chicago Area


You're making me homesick. I'm a Yankee delocated to Texas. The lack of seasons down here is so disconcerting. I don't know if I'll ever adapt.


you can add too that the local Dairy Queen (in my town it was called Dairy Hut, now it's called Beezers) also serves fried clams, fish & chips and foot long hot dogs

you know someone who has had a close encounter with a moose

And my favorite - you put jimmies on your ice cream - I love that my kids have adopted this name for sprinkles, although here (in Atlanta) they ask for them and people have no idea what we mean!



We used to drive an hour to wait for the big Dairy Queen spring opening!!I got vanilla with cherry dip! Good stuff. My NY kids eat jimmies and I think a parka with shorts looks sexy when you drinking a bottle of tonic!!Can you guess where I grew up

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